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The IRS Launches Assault on Cryptocurrency Holders

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Last month, an initial wave of letters were sent to traders with warnings that they may have potentially incorrectly filled their taxes.…

Brandon Stewart

21 US Lawmakers Request IRS to Answer Crypto Tax Questions

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U.S. lawmakers have presented a letter to IRS on April 11, asking for urgent response concerning crypto taxes situation. Three main issues appeared.…


No More FUEL? Canadian Crypto Firm Vanbex Under Police Investigation

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Vanbex Group raised a total of $30 million CAD or $22 million USD by selling their token named FUEL in an ICO. The Canadian Police have now frozen assets of the founders as part of a fraud investigation based on their 2017 ICO.…


Canadian Crypto Investors Under Government Scrutiny

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Canada is taking a huge leap in fighting Bitcoin Tax Evaders.…