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What is Bakkt? - A Beginners Guide

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With the introduction of a regulated market such as Bakkt, it opens up cryptocurrency trading to big financial institutions, making buying and selling these assets a lot easier. Institutions will be able to trade cryptocurrency and exchange Bitcoin for fiat currency, all on a regulated platform.…

Ryan Laguatan

Fidelity Investments to Launch Bitcoin Trading In Few Weeks

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Big news for Bitcoin, one of the largest asset management in the world, Fidelity Investments announced launching their cryptocurrency trading service “within a few weeks.”…

Brandon Stewart

Bitfinex and Tether Caught In Possible Cover-Up, BTC Holds.

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It is said the funds from the Panamanian firm were never received by Bitfinex and resulted in a loss shy of $1 billion dollars. Read more how BTC reacted.…

Brandon Stewart

Winklevoss and Shrem Battle Ends In Voluntary Dismissal

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Accoording to a representative from Shrem's legal team: “Winklevoss Capital Fund has brought an utterly baseless civil lawsuit against Charlie Shrem."…

Brandon Stewart

Testing Mode: Telegram Open Network (TON) - What to Expect?

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With over 200 million active users monthly, Telegram, the popular, global messaging application is seeking the expansion of its footprint. TON is in testing mode - Here's what you should expect.…


3 Reasons Why Bitcoin Price Surged in April 2019

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It is April 2019 and Bitcoin sits at an outstanding price of $5600 per BTC. Its market capitalization is almost reaching 100 billion dollars. Find the reason behind the price surge.…


21 US Lawmakers Request IRS to Answer Crypto Tax Questions

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U.S. lawmakers have presented a letter to IRS on April 11, asking for urgent response concerning crypto taxes situation. Three main issues appeared.…


Mt. Gox Legal Head Resigns Amid Billion Dollar Legal Quagmire

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Andy Pag, founder and co-ordinator of Mt. Gox Legal (MGL) resigns with an announcement made via a letter posted to the MGL contributor forum on April 4th.…


No More FUEL? Canadian Crypto Firm Vanbex Under Police Investigation

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Vanbex Group raised a total of $30 million CAD or $22 million USD by selling their token named FUEL in an ICO. The Canadian Police have now frozen assets of the founders as part of a fraud investigation based on their 2017 ICO.…


Inside Job? Bithumb Reportedly Hacked Again

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$13 Million in the EOS Cryptocurrency Was Reported Stolen From The Bitthumb Exchange. An Internal Inspection Indicates This "Hack" was a Inside Job.…