Kucoin Review


KuCoin is a cryptocurrency service, based in China, with a large variety of available coins to hold and exchange at very low fees. They have a community of over 1 million users and still are gaining popularity.



  • Extremely low fees (~0.1%)
  • High security (Google 2-FA)
  • Wide selection of coins (150+) – regularly adding more
  • Access to technical charts (“TradingView”)
  • Mobile App
  • KCS holders receive 50% of all daily transaction fees (the more you hold, the bigger your slice will be)
  • Possibility of getting your own coin listed
  • API for Developers
  • Very strong affiliate program
  • Constant competitions and giveaways
  • No KYC required for transactions below and up to 2BTC/day


  • Very extensive KYC for transactions over 2BTC/day (don’t get me started on corporate accounts)
  • A lot of complaints about poor customer service
  • A few complaints about withdrawal


There have been mixed feelings about their legitimacy, but the balance has tipped in favor of the positive side.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “giving back to the community”, regardless of what community is in question, and KuCoin is the best example of this phrase being true. Besides the fact that they share 50% of daily transaction fees with KCS holders, their referral program is most probably second to none. You refer someone, they refer someone, and you get a percentage of the transactions fees that your invitees generate, FOREVER! (more invitees=more$)

The evolution of this new industry is dependent upon the number of people that enter and remain in it, and KuCoin is among the few companies striving to make that a reality.