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Best mining hardware of 2018

Seeing as the “Crypto World” is still in its infancy, mining cryptocurrencies can be a tricky endeavor, if you don’t do all your research and know the ins and outs of this investment.

Since mining can be done as a hobby, a way to generate a little extra income or can be made into a full-scale operation and anything in between, meaning it is very flexible, there are just a few DON’Ts to take into consideration.

  • DON’T mine Bitcoin with a CPU/GPU or 100 GPUs – When a block is solved the difficulty of the algorithm increases and the complexity for BTC has reached a level that cannot even be processed with the best GPU rigs money can buy. For bitcoin mining you will need an ASIC Miner, which is hardware build specially for mining BTC. (Learn more)

** CPU and GPU mining is not dead, it just works for coins that have a lower algorithm difficulty!

  • DON’T set up your rig in a cluttered space – Cryptocurrency minig runs pretty HOT, so make sure that you are in a well ventilated area. A common misconception is that the room needs to be cold, which does help, but if not ventilated properly, you still might encounter heat issues (it’s more about getting  the hot air out, as opposed to putting cold air in).
  • DON’T expect to become a billionaire overnight – Those success stories have come and gone. In today’s market you need to calculate all your steps and build a plan where you can foresee, to some extent, the ROI (Return on Investment). (This course is useful !)

Bitcoin mining

The majority of the crypto community will argue that mining Bitcoin is no longer profitable in 2018, and this is true to some extent. At the time this is being written the price of BTC is ~$8,100. The difficulty of BTC’s algorithm (SHA-256) is at a level that cannot be processed profitably by GPU’s. The only way to mine it is with ASIC hardware, and even then, solo mining might not be the best way to go, unless you’re planning to open a “Bitcoin Mining GigaFactory”.

** This is a dynamic industry – prices will vary depending on time of purchase **
Miners Price Hashrate Power Consumption Order
ASIC Hardware

ASICminer 8 Nano
$4,670 38 TH/s 1950 W Buy

Bitmain's Anminer S9
$765 14 TH/s 1375 W Buy

Avalon Miner 841
600$ 13 TH/s 1290 W Buy

Antminer T9
$420 12.5 TH/s 1576 W Buy

Litecoin mining

Within the crypto community, Litecoin to Bitcoin is considered to be what Silver is to Gold. The main reason for that is the popularity and marketcap of BTC. Taking a look at the technical details, we find that it might be more profitable to mine LTC in 2018. There are more coins to be mined (84 million) and the transaction processing speed is 2.5 minutes as opposed to BTC’s 10 minutes.It is less complex to mine, therefore the hardware will not use as much electricity, given there is no need for that much hashing power (for now). The main difference, of course, is the algorithm that they work on – Scrypt is a more simple algorithm than BTC’s SHA-256, developed to be ASIC resistant and has managed to do so, until the development of ASIC hardware that can mine Scrypt.

** This is a dynamic industry – prices will vary depending on time of purchase **
Miner Price Hashrate Power Consumption Order
ASIC Hardware

Bitmain's Antminer L3+
~$400 504 MH/s 800 W Buy
** Since the introduction of ASIC Litcoin miners – mining it with GPUs has lost it’s profitability exponentially!

Zcash mining

Mining Zcash in 2018 has proven to be very profitable. It can be mined with GPUs, as well as ASIC. The algorithm on which is based is Equihash. This algorithm is among the ones with higher security and privacy. (useful info)

Miners Price Hashrate (1ksol = 1kh) Power Consumption Order
ASIC hardware

Innosilicon A9 Zmaster
$10,000 50 ksol/s 620W Buy

ASICminer Equihash
$15,000 40 ksol/s 1140 W Buy

Nvidia 1080 Ti
$700 - 850 800 sol/s 200 - 250 W Buy

Nvidia 1070 Ti
~$450 550 sol/s 120 - 200 W Buy

AMD Vega RX 64
~$800 500 sol/s 170 W Buy

AMD Vega RX 56
~$600 450 sol/s 140 W Buy
**Do not be discouraged by the low hash-rate of the GPUs in comparison to the ASIC hardware! GPUs are set up in ‘rigs’. You can set up a rig with 4, 6 or more GPUs!
** This is a dynamic industry – prices will vary depending on time of purchase **

Ethereum mining

So far, Ethereum has won the battle against ASIC chips, being the most resistant. Well, that’ll be ending soon, due to the InnosiliconA10 ETHMaster, capable of mining EtHash with the power of ASIC. It will be released in September this year. It is advertised to mine at 580 MH/s and only uses ~876 – 942 W. Now, don’t get to excited! The ethereum community,  opened discussions about changing the software to further increase the defense against ASIC, so it might be beneficial to wait until we know exactly what is happening and continue with our trusted GPU rigs.

**There are ASIC producers that have Ethereum miners, but they still rely on a similar technology to GPUs :
** This is a dynamic industry – prices will vary depending on time of purchase **
Miners Price Hashrate Power Consumption Order

Antminer E3
$1328 190 MH/s 707 - 760 W Buy

The biggest players in the GPU mining field are AMD and Nvidia. Both of these GPU giants are competing for supremacy over the minig side of business. Currenlty, many people will argue that AMD is better, and looking at the raw numbers, they just might be right. The best bang for your buck will be got out of the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64, available between $700 – 850(price will vary based on time of purchase and the specs of the card), capable of mining at Ehereum 35MH/s using 200W.

Until Nvidia releases the Inno3D, advertised to mine at 47 MH/s, AMD remains the winner, on paper. I say this because with GPUs you have more “room” for tweaking.

You can overclock it or lower the power consumption. So if you’re a good “tweaker”, who’s to say you can’t set up a better Nvidia rig – there is a lot of customization that can benefit you.

The direct competitor of the RX Vega 64 is the latest update of the GTX 1080 TI ($700 – 850 – depending on time of purchase and specs on card), able to mine at ~37 MH/s, but draws 250W, so AMD still might be more efficient. ** keep in mind the tweaking.

The most recent tweak for Nvidia users is the “OhGodAnETHlargementPill”, which claims to be a software that can apparently boost the hashing power of the GTX 1080 Ti to 50 MH/s.
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